Short Term Medical Plans

Sometimes you just need a temporary health plan to help bridge a short-term gap in coverage. Short-Term Health Insurance is very affordable and easy to find, and many plans will provide coverage for up to a year. Talk to one of our independent insurance agents in High Point or Clemmons, North Carolina, to find out a Short-Term Medical Plan is right for you.

What Does Short-Term Health Insurance Look Like In NC?

Health coverage in the short-term may be the solution for you if you’re in-between jobs, waiting for another health plan to start, or need a more affordable option compared to traditional insurance. In North Carolina, Short-Term Medical Plans typically provide coverage for up to 12 months, with the chance to renew up to 36 months.

North Carolina does follow federal regulations for the duration of short-term coverage, but they also have some of their own state regulations. One, for example, is that you may be considered “continuously insured” if you receive a short-term plan before enrolling in an employer-sponsored plan – as long as the short-term coverage wasn’t longer than one year).

Why Should I Consider Short-Term Medical Coverage?

Maybe one of the most appealing aspects of Short-Term Health Coverage is the affordability. The benefits are usually related to emergency care, meaning Short-Term Health Plans may work well for those who don’t require regular medical care, such as common doctor’s visits or prescription drugs. Although these plans do not have all the bells and whistles major medical health insurance provides, it could be what exactly what you need without breaking the bank.

Still wondering if you’re in a certain situation where you should choose Short-Term Health Insurance rather than the more traditional plan? Blue Moon Benefits Group is here to answer your questions, at no cost to you! Reach out to our Clemmons Office or our High Point Office.

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